Episode 33: Disney Songs and Beer

Everyone loves Disney songs. We all have childhood memories of singing along to a CD in our living room while dancing like an idiot and possibly holding a highly annoyed cat in the air. Let’s not even talk about the “A Whole New World” campfire sing-alongs. The point is – you probably have a vested interest in this episode. So come join us while we choose our favourites from a variety of categories. Also, you don’t want to miss out on our special guests – MRS. NICK!!! Nothing will ever be the same.

Episode 32: Drunk Disney Princes

Disney Princesses get all of the attention, but men need love too. So today, we are talking about Disney Princes ’cause… why not? We don’t need a reason. We can talk about whoever we want. Whatcha gonna do about?!?! HUH?!?!?! That’s what I thought. Wimp.

Episode 31: The Splash Episode!

The count down is over. It has finally arrived. We can no longer avoid it. The Splash Episode is here. In this episode, Phil finally gets his way and we spend an entire podcast discussing the 1984 Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah mermaid-centric romcom. You asked for it and we delivered. Put on your swim fins and dive in.

Episode 30: Star Wars and Jakku Cups

Star Wars has come out and pretty much everyone and their dog has seen it. In this episode we get spoiler heavy and super nerdy as we discuss, dissect and generally chat about the newest instalment in the iconic space opera franchise. We also talk a little about Jurassic World and our mom. Basically all the things you care about.

Episode 29: The Nightmare Before Christmas and Stout

Halloween is approaching and that means that it’s time to bust out your old dusty copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a Halloween classic (or maybe a Christmas classic?) and in this episode we talk about such things as: our favourite characters, our favourite songs and who is really the villain of the piece. We also drink some tasty adult Halloween drinks. Enjoy!

Episode 28: Ant-Man, Trivia and Shots

This episode is a little late. It’s summer, we got busy and stuff happens. But you know us. You know how we roll. Do you think we care? You think that we’re sorry? The answer is yes. We are very sorry about the delay. It will probably happen again, but we will also be very sorry when it happens that time. Just a whole bunch of sorry. We hang our heads.

Anyway, in this episode we discuss Ant-Man, we do some trivia and Jamie just drunk as heck… before the show starts.

Episode 27: Inside Out and the Joy Drop

Pixar has made a movie about emotions. We saw it and felt many emotions. We then drank to kill those emotions and recorded a podcast while we did it. Now you can listen to that podcast. The movie was Inside Out… in case you hadn’t caught on. I know you probably did, but I just wanted to make sure. That’s the level of service we provide at Drunk Disney. You’re welcome.

Episode 26: Disney 60 and Tomorrowland

These are exciting times we live in. Disneyland is now officially 60 years old which means one very important thing – it can now get a crap ton of cheap pancakes at Denny’s! Yes, it might gain some weight around its midsection, but, damn it, it’s worked hard and it deserves it! Disney has also released a film to promote part of the newly sexageneric park – Tomorrowland. In this podcast, we discuss both of these things, so take a listen. Or don’t. I’m not gonna force ya, but it is pretty good. Therefore, you don’t listen you’ll totally miss out on some pretty good stuff. Don’t miss out.

Episode 25: Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Scarlett Witch

Holy crap guys! There’s a new movie out and it has EVERYONE in it! Seriously! I mean, it has the long haired hammer guy, the big green angry guy, the guy who wears flags as clothes and that guy who has a robot suit and says funny things. There are also more guys (and girls), but I got bored typing about all of them. THAT’S HOW MANY GUYS THERE ARE!!! If you are interested in the new movie about all of these guys, download this podcast and listen to us get drunk and discuss it. Excelsior!!!

Episode 24: Daredevil and Drinks

Daredevil is a blind guy that beats up people and is apparently a hero. We are a group of jerks that drink and are apparently podcasters. Coincidence? I’m going to assume so as I’m not actually entirely sure what that word means. Now, I’m gonna go open another beer. Listen to this thing!